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Accessories, Adjustable 6 Spanner
A versatile tool for your barista kit. Us it to remove steam wand tips, head seals and shower foils.

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Our coffee comes to us from Fairtrade and Organic cooperatives all around the world. We then roast the beans to our own recipe and specifications to bring you a great tasting product suitable for both in cafes and for use at home.

THE REV: A versatile medium bodied coffee. Well balanced. Sweet aroma of almonds and vibrant notes of mandarin with a floral finish.

ZAP: A full bodied coffee experience. Initial zesty brightness followed by a deep caramelly finish. Notes of black plum, orange and jasmine.

BRIGHTON UP: Coffee from Africa, South & Central America gives this blend a bright start. A smooth light body compliments a lingering sweet finish.

BBIV: Custom designed for our very own Black Betty Café.
Blackcurrants and sugar browning aromas give this coffee a sweet start. Delicate flavour, bright acidity and a pleasant lasting finish.

The Dark Horse: The house blend at Bunsen
A delicately balanced trio of beans with medium to full mouth-feel. Flavour notes mainly consist of walnuts & bittersweet cocoa.

(Subject to change depending on availability)
Colombian Ocamonte
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Guatemala Guaya'b
Mexican Chiapas
Nicaragua Segovia
Congo Sopacdi